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Jun 26, 2024 | Design

Modern Swimming Pool Ideas for Small Backyard Spaces

Adding a swimming pool to your property will enhance its functionality, comfort, and value. Unfortunately, only a few people have backyards big enough for a full-size swimming pool. Some have big outdoor spaces that won’t fit traditional pools due to their awkward shapes. If that’s you, you’ll love these modern swimming pool ideas for small backyard spaces!

Creative Pool Ideas For Small Backyard Spaces

Different designs require different materials and workmanship—both of which come with different budgets. Additionally, your design should capture the specific luxury and comfort needs of the family. If you like hosting guests, you should also consider different add-ons. Here’s everything you need to know about swimming pool designs for small spaces.

Plunge Pools 

Plunge pools are swimming pools built in the ground. They compensate for their small perimeter with depth, which you need for optimal relaxation. They can be either circular or rectangular. Rectangular sizes range from 2m x 2m to 7m x 3m. Circular plunge pools can be of any diameter, depending on your available space. 

Freeform Pools 

Freeform pools are the most flexible in terms of shape and size. You’re free to tweak the design to your taste, depending on your backyard size and landscaping ideas. You can have as many corners, curves, or irregular shapes as the shape of the backyard dictates. 

Pond Pools 

If you’re a lover of nature, you’ll appreciate the beauty of natural ponds. A swimming pond is not your ordinary, contemporary pool. Everything is natural in pond pools. No cleaning chemicals, no size specifications, and no fixed style. Ponds rely on plants to keep the water healthy, just like a natural pond in the wild.

Spa Pools 

This is a hybrid of a spa and a swimming pool. It’s heated, making it perfect for cold areas. The pool is about 5-6 meters long and 2-3 meters wide. A spa pool has all the luxury features of a spa, including in-built seats and water jets. These pools can be a little pricier than the alternatives- averaging $30,000-$50,000 depending on size. 

Infinity Pools

If you have a panoramic view from your backyard, why not blend in the pool with the scenery? A vanishing edge pool allows you to do that. This type of pool incorporates water features on the edges to complement the existing scenery. Being premium in nature and execution, these pools can be pricey in terms of installation and maintenance costs.

Besides being convenient for small spaces, these pools are also economical. Thanks to their efficient designs, you also get massive space for greenery, outdoor furniture, a pergola, etc. However, it’s crucial to find a reliable landscaper for this, as they can perfectly optimize your existing space into a lovely pool. 

8 Tips for Creating Small Backyard Swimming Pools

Creating a backyard pool—no matter how tiny—gives you and your family an intimate space to relax and create lasting memories. And with professional builders doing the heavy lifting for you, you’ll painlessly achieve total comfort and luxury in your tiny space. If you’re looking for some expert inspiration, here are ten tips to help you make the most of your backyard space.

1. Choose the right pool design

Your choice of pool design should be inspired by several factors. First, consider the size and shape of your backyard, as this will make all the difference along the way.

If you have small kids, you must also think about them in the design phase. Kids have more free time than the adults in the family, so the pool is essentially theirs. You can, for example, limit the depth around the pool to five feet for the safety of kids below five years.

You should also avoid adding features that could potentially harm the young ones. For example, instead of sharp edges, you may want to round off the pool instead.

2. Maximize on space

If you’ve decided to dedicate your backyard to a pool, you need to go all in. The pool should be the focal point of the backyard. Other home improvements should come later to complement the pool and make it more aesthetically appealing and functional.

You want the pool to look as big as possible. As such, you should avoid placing it in the middle of your yard. To maximize space, let it start from the farthest corner towards the house. You can then use the space adjacent to the house, if any, for a gazebo, patio, or outdoor kitchen.

3. Use ambient lighting

Optimal lighting makes any space feel warmer, livelier, and bigger than it is. Use outdoor lighting to enhance both the practicality and the atmosphere around the pool. The ambiance created by outdoor lights is perfect for outdoor night parties and family dinners. 

4. Include water features

Water features can turn any backyard pool into a hub of peace and tranquility. Your family will find peace in the soothing sound of moving water, especially from a roaring waterfall or fountain. Water features, notably cascades, can also be visually stimulating. These will make your home more homey and your pool appear significantly larger than it is. 

5. Integrate live plants 

Use live plants to accentuate the visual delight of the water features around the pool. Add some flowers to inject color and some trees for shade. Trees can also enhance privacy around the pool and help freshen up the air in the home. However, it’s best to work with a professional landscaping company to ensure that your plants are well-positioned.

6. Install a pergola or a pool house 

When you need to escape the scorching sun, a patio covering like a pergola or pool house will come in handy. These additions will make your pool more executive and functional all year round. What’s more, even when not using the pool, you can relax and unwind quietly in the poolhouse.

Pergolas also make spaces appear larger, as you can accommodate more people in and around the space. They’re also fantastic for hosting guests, giving you the freedom to throw pool parties whenever you like. 

7. Add a privacy wall

Most homes with tiny backyards have their neighbors too close. That may be nice, but you don’t want them interrupting your time. A pool is the place you go to escape the outside world. A privacy wall will create that space for you while also adding flair to your small pool. 

8. And a transparent gate

If you don’t need much privacy around the pool, you may consider installing a transparent barrier around the pool. This could be a transparent wall or an acrylic gate. The idea is to keep the kids and pets away from the pool for their safety, while not blocking their view.

Other than being a safety function, such a barrier can also inject class and aesthetic appeal into the pool area. In the end, you’ll have a sleek backyard that your family will love. 

Wrapping Up

The secret of small swimming pools is to be as innovative as possible. With these modern swimming pool ideas for small backyard spaces, that becomes almost effortless.

For the best results, remember to work with a professional landscaper who has the know-how, expertise, and tools to bring your dream pool to life. Our own contractors can help you with that, so if you’re ready to make the change, contact us to get an estimate!

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