Outdoor Lightings in Sacramento, ca

Outdoor Lighting in sacramento, ca

Show off your beautifully landscaped front yard with our top-grade outdoor lightings in Sacramento. We aim to illuminate the best features of your home with energy-efficient lights and fixtures. We have lighting fixtures in multiple colors that will help your landscaping pop and your personality shine. Why wait more? Reach out to us and start a quote now!

Outdoor Lightings to Try in Sacramento

Path Lights

We are specialists in quality path lighting fixtures and accessories. Our fixtures are solid quality and modern. They are both energy-efficient and effective for your walkways, driveways, and garden paths.


Illuminate key features like trees, shrubs, and sculptures in your home for added dramatic effect. Our quality products and workmanship will help you create the look you’re aiming for. 

String Lights (Fairy Lights)

We install fairy lights around trees, on other structures, or overhead to enhance your home’s functionality and beauty. String lights inject instant ambiance to any porch, deck, or yard, allowing your family to enjoy the home better.

Deck and Step Lights

We install quality decks and step lights that best suit your style & budget.  Our lights will enhance the beauty and functionality of posts, railings, and steps around the home. 

Our Process


Initial Phone Review

The project will start with a thorough discussion during the first phone review. This stage is vital for setting the boundaries, grasping your requirements, and assessing the viability for your walls in Placer County.


Itemized Proposal

After our meeting, we carefully create a thorough proposal that outlines all parts of the project. This consists of a detailed overview of the tasks, projected costs, and a defined schedule for the project. Our thorough and structured proposal guarantees you comprehend all components fully before moving forward, giving clarity and assurance in our method.


Site Walk & Design

The stage of site walking and designing signifies a shift from initial talks to evaluating the location in person and creating a conceptual plan. Following our conversation, our team will create initial sketches or plans to visualize the proposed designs and layout options.



The construction phase is when the project is built according to the approved design and proposal. You will see your plan being executed with accuracy. We'll conduct a final inspection with you post-completion to ensure all your needs are met.