Patios & Walkways in sacramento


Patios & Walkways in sacramento


Hughes Landscape can transform your outdoor space, whether big or small. Whether you’re looking to replace worn-out surfaces, install new ones, make repairs, or add hardscapes, you can trust our skilled staff to deliver premium patios and walkways in Sacramento. Don’t let your backyard become an empty space; let us transform it today!

Patio Styles


With a range of finishes, colors, and patterns to choose from, concrete patios and walkways in Sacramento are durable and flexible to fit your unique style.


Brick patios not only beautify your outdoor properties but can also tolerate weather extremes. They give every outdoor area a timeless feel, no matter the layout.


Gravel patios are inexpensive and have a natural, rustic appearance. They are ideal for fostering a calm atmosphere and provide good drainage.

Stepping Stones

Patios with stepping stones blend visual appeal with functionality. They give your landscape a quirky flair and are great for making unique pathways.

Our Process


Initial Phone Review

The project will start with a thorough discussion during the first phone review. This stage is vital for setting the boundaries, grasping your requirements, and assessing the viability for your walls in Placer County.


Itemized Proposal

After our meeting, we carefully create a thorough proposal that outlines all parts of the project. This consists of a detailed overview of the tasks, projected costs, and a defined schedule for the project. Our thorough and structured proposal guarantees you comprehend all components fully before moving forward, giving clarity and assurance in our method.


Site Walk & Design

The stage of site walking and designing signifies a shift from initial talks to evaluating the location in person and creating a conceptual plan. Following our conversation, our team will create initial sketches or plans to visualize the proposed designs and layout options.



The construction phase is when the project is built according to the approved design and proposal. You will see your plan being executed with accuracy. We'll conduct a final inspection with you post-completion to ensure all your needs are met.